Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Have We Been Up To?

It's been so much fun doing Valentine's Day activities because they're PINK!  If you don't already ya do!  I love anything pink!  It's such a fun happy color.  Here's a few of our latest projects.

Here are the puffy valentine hearts we made.  The girls had a bow for their "hair" and the boys had a bow tie.  This is the "puffy heart craft" at the end of my Secret Valentine pack for sale on TPT.  PS We will be making lots of puffy things this year!  I'm loving all the puffs! ;) Check back for more cute puffy ideas...

This is our hall display for February/Valentine's Day/Grandparents and Special Friends Week.  I used the KPM Doodles "Love Shack" clipart to make house covers.  Under the houses are their FRIEND acrostic poems.  They turned out so cute!  This project idea is also in my Secret Valentine Pack.  I made puffy hearts as well and drew a chevron print in pink because I'm obsessed lately.

Here's a view of the entire display.  As you know I'm obsessed with the "Kid Drawn" line by Carson Delosa (sp?) The trees are from that line.  Each month I change the decorations on the trees with foam shapes from Michaels or AC Moore.  This month heart, last month snowflakes, next month shamrocks?

This is not a new idea but we made "Bee Mine" valentine bees!

Boys had bow ties, girls regular bows :)

Here is a shot of one of other projects from my Secret Valentine Pack.  The kids picked names from our bug basket and wrote a letter to their secret friend.  They also made heart shaped covers with construction paper and heart tracing templates to go over their letters.  This idea with all the templates are included in the pack.  

Here is the collaborative project from my America the Beautiful American Symbols pack.  I had the students work in groups to create a small poster about one of the American symbols we've studied.  They worked together to write various facts and then I made it into an additional hall display to present at Grandparents and Special friends at our school. 

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