Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Valentine's Day came and went and it was over the top this year!!!  We had such a great time.  I did my Secret Class Friend Valentine's Day hunt around the school in my TPT pack. The big prize that our "secret friend" left us was a big huge red tub filled with their pajamas for a Valentine's Day pajama day.  My fabulous parents were so helpful and sent in their pajamas throughout the week before stapled in paper bags and told their child they were supplies for our "very important teach meeting."  The kids were actually so honest and none of them looked.  It was precious to see their faced when we got back to the room.  They were honestly so calm and a little apprehensive.  Unfortunately I can't post pictures of the kids on our hunt, but here's a picture of our pink treats donated by my fabulous parent volunteers and a small gift/craft we made Valentine's week.  It has a poem in the middle, we painted the popsicle sticks pink, glued wooden hearts, and the kids decorated them with markers- simple and easy peasy!

Right now I'm working on coming up with fabulous cute ideas for Dr. Seuss' birthday/Read Across America.  I've made a fabulous new packet that I'm selling on TPT and Teacher's Notebook.  It's a mix of party supplies and activities.  I'm 100 kinds of excited about it y'all.  

Here is my party decorating inspiration y'all! 
I plan on decorating the room and going all out!  I'll probably get some red and teal balloons and make some teal and red pom poms.  My teacher friend and I are going to dress up like thing one and two with red t-shirts and blue bows.

I'm going to give the kids these invitations the week before, that are in my TPT pack. If you purchase the pack I also made an invitation with a blank spot for bring incase your class doesn't want to do the pillow and blanket thing.  
We may have some sort of teal and red snack.  We will make thing 1 and thing 2 from Kimberly over at Creative Teaching and complete my adjective label me page in my Dr. Seuss Birthday pack

We always let the kids bring a pillow and a few favorite books.  We have special reading time throughout the day where the lay out their pillows, blankets, and read their books with a buddy. I think we'll make these for the kids to snack on while they're reading with their buddy.  Cute ideas from pinterest are awesome!  I'll probably make a cuter back top.  No offense to whoever made this ;)

fun treat, use with book exchange or dr. seuss day
I'll probably have a parent make these for later also via pinterest

love this for dr. seuss day
Another fab idea that we may rap up the week with via KinderbyKim

Last day of Dr Seuss birthday week - favorite book graph - record data

I really, really love this idea I found on pinterest.  I could put some sort of math problem in each balloon and the kids have to solve their problem after they get one of the balloons off the dart board.  I'm a little nervous about this in a classroom though.  We'll see...
Cat in the Hat Dart Game

At the end of the day I plan on handing out little party bags with bookmarks and "this book belongs to" labels that I've made as prizes.  You can find these in my TPT Dr. Seuss Birthday Party pack.

I want to give out a Dr. Seuss freebie but I'm not sure how to add a document to my blog.  I'm super behind and new with this blogging world.  Anyone wanna help ladies?  Thanks in advance!


  1. Here is a tutorial that might help you.

  2. Thank you so much!! So helpful! :)

  3. I'm glad I saw this post the other day because I was trying to do the same thing!

  4. Wow! Your TPT pack looks great -- I invite you to come and share a link on my blog, Happy Birthday Author, that is celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday!