Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Party Ideas

So apparently you're not supposed to blog twice in one day but I'm new and don't care ha! j/k  So just thought I'd share some ideas I'll be doing in my classroom for Valentine's Day.  I got permission from my principal to let the kids have a pajama day.  It will be a complete surprise!  We are going on a scavenger hunt with cute clues, and the last clue will lead them back to the classroom where their new Valentine pjs or just as fun old pjs will be waiting for them as a surprise! We are going to have one healthy and one not so healthy pink valentine snack along with pink punch.  We'll pass out our valentines and eat our pink treats.  All the snack ideas are from Family Fun.  Click on the pictures to go to their page.

Healthy Hearts

Cupid's Lemony Love Potion

Sweet Heart Krispy Treats


  1. I'm not sure who made up that rule about no blogging more than once a day, but my thoughts are... my blog- my number of times per day to blog! lol cute stuff and I'm a new follower.

  2. Just found your super cute blog!