Monday, February 27, 2012

Seusstastic Week!

 So last week in our reading series was the story If You Give a Pig a Pancake so we started a two week Laura Numeroff author study.  The kids are loving it and we're writing book reviews this week on our favorite book.  I can't wait!  Well since Friday is Dr. Seuss Birthday/RAD at our school I won't be able to do Dr. Seuss themed things all week.  We are definitely going to have a Seusstastic blast this Friday though.  My son is going to make an appearance as thing 1 and my husband is going to read a story.  So I had so much fun with our Laura Numeroff author study that I decided to do the same thing with Dr. Seuss next week.   So we will be completing my mini Dr. Seuss book report pack.  Here's a preview.  I'm super excited because the recording sheets I made can be used with any book at any time during the year.


  1. Hi Shannon!
    I teach first grade in Greenville County schools too. I just discovered your blog last weekend and love it! Will your Seuss Book Study packbe available on TPT? Like you, I plan to carry over the Seuss author study into next week. We had such fun today celebrating Dr. Seuss' b'day but there is still so much we can do. Hoping you put the pack on sale this weekend?!! : ) Cindy

  2. I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! Come and Check in out on my blog!!
    First Is a Fairytale

  3. You both are so sweet! Cindy send me your email. I'll be giving away the Dr. Seuss book report pack as a freebie! :) Thank you so much for the nomination.

  4. I just found your blog and am newer to blogging myself. I started following you. It looks great!

    Glitter and Glue

  5. Thanks Kristen! We can be newbies together :)