Saturday, July 7, 2012

Safari Book Freebie

So I am officially a bad blogger.  I knew I probably would be but at least I have lots of good ideas for this year that I hope to share with everyone!  In honor of my blog return I made a freebie for anyone who has a safari/jungle theme in their classroom.  I love the idea of the responsible communication binders/notebooks some of you use in your classroom.  I plan to do a safari theme in my room this year but I couldn't find a cute enough safari binder cover that I liked.  Since I'm obsessed with using primary colors in my classroom I designed a primary colors S.A.F.A.R.I binder cover to go with my theme.

Just in case you don't know what a Safari binder is let me briefly explain.  It's basically a binder to help your student and families stay organized.  I've never used one in my classroom.  I've always had the basic home work folder, reading log folder, and daily take home folder all separate.  I really liked the idea of having all of these folders in one place.  If you search on the internet you can find many other acronyms for various themes such as the F.R.O.G binder.  The SAFARI binder stands for Students and Families are Responsible and Informed.  I really like that this binder also has a zipper pouch for money and notes.  That way I don't have to see checks and envelopes on the floor anymore that have fallen out of folders and backpacks.

PS I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS IDEA MY SELF.  I just made a cuter version of the binder that I wanted to use in my classroom.  I used KPM Doodles Zoofari clipart and her Primary Alpha clipart for the title.  She is fabulous!

Click on the picture to be directed to my TPT store where you can download the cover for free! :)

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