Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Linky Party!

I'm ready to party! Linky party that is! :)  I'm linking up with Miss Klohn for A Day in My Shoes.  Click on the picture below to join the party from her website!

So here goes:

5:00 am- My alarm goes off and sometimes I get up to be at school around 6:30.  I like to get there early sometimes to get things done instead of staying late.  

6:00 am- My alarm goes off again and I usually get up around this time ha!  I get ready, kiss these two sweet boys goodbye, and head to work; often stopping at Dunkin' Donuts for a number 1 with 2 chocolate frosted sprinkles donuts and a medium large vanilla ice coffee with lots of cream and sugar!

7:00 am- My coffee has kicked in, I've looked at a few cute blog ideas, maybe made something cute for the room, and I'm ready for my sweet class of 17 first graders.  

7:50 am- The bell rings, I open my door, and greet my sweet little ones.  I announce the lunch choices, remind them for the fifty millionth time what to do when they come in (love me some sweet little 6 year olds!)  and we enter the room. 

7:55 am- I announce the lunch choices again
7:56 am- "Mrs. McCartney, what are the lunch choices?"- BLESS IT!!! Selective hearing is so cute at this age right???

8:00- We are on the carpet ready for our morning meeting where one team gets to share, we listen to the school news, etc, etc.

8:20- We have four literacy/math center rotations while I pull small guided reading groups.  I started this 3 weeks ago with the help of these ladies: Madefor1stgrade I've purchased 4 of their center packs so far and the kids and I are loving them! You must check these ladies out!

10:00- We have some fun with math

11:00- We're all starving and head for lunch!

11:35- We finally leave the cafeteria and head to recess.  I love how it will be raining and the little ones will ask me "Are we going out to recess?"....I don't know are we?

12:15- Recess is over and we have some fun with writing, spelling, and social sciences.

1:00- We start cleaning up and packing up and I answer 50 million questions about all kinds of craziness!

1:25-  We're headed to related arts and I'm thinking about which cute blogs I'll be visiting when I get back to the classroom. haha

1:25- AHHHHH silence and blog stalking time.  :) 

2:10- My sweet little class is back, we grab our backpacks, sit on the carpet and wait to go home! 

3:15 or so- And I'm back in my car to see this sweet face!!! GAH I LOVE HIM! 

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! IT is such a neat thing! Thanks for linking up!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher