Thursday, May 30, 2013

Number Word Posters Freebie!!!!

I am helping design one of my best friend's classroom and she happens to be next door to me!  I am starting now since I have a little more freetime.  I am following the same techniques I used from Melanie over at School Girl Style to re-design my classroom.  I made her these simple number word cards to replace her older number word display.  They are very simple but add a pop of color and can easily be used if she desides to chance color schemes in the next couple of years.  I am posting these bright chevron print number word posters as a FREEBIE to y'all too! 
You can also click the image below to be redirected to my TPT store in order to download the free document.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Balloon Madness!!!

We are in survival mode....well I'm in survival mode!  We have something like 9ish days left of school.  We have lots of fun things planned.  I am officially pulling out all stops to keep these sweet kids of mine busy!!  We hung a few balloons up as party decorations and as a behavior incentive idea similar to Hope King's.  In each balloon is a fun activitiy to do with the kids.  I will pop one every couple of days if the kids are staying on task. 

We also completed Abby's balloon people from her Busy Bodies packet.  We completed the gum one a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast.  They had to decorate/make their balloon person using sharpies and/or construction paper and then get with a partner and make up their own dialogue.  After coming up with a funny dialogue they were to record their conversations on the dialogue recording sheet.  Here are a few of their balloon people cuties:

Monday, May 27, 2013

End of the Year Party

All the first grade teachers at my school decided to do our end of the year parent presentation and end of the year party for the students all in one day!  I decided to do a beach theme party for the kids and I used pinspiration for a lot of my party ideas!  Love some pinterest!  The kids had a blast and the parents loved the summer poems we wrote and presented.  I got the poem idea from an old school Mailbox magazine.   Mailbox is still one of my favorite teaching resourses to use. 

I found the cute beach themed plates and napkins at the dollar tree, and the polka dotted paper straws at the AMAZING Mighty Dollar store in Greenville.  They had paper straws and matching polka dotted balloons for ONE DOLLAR!!! I bought a bunch in various colors for future parties.  :)  The yellow buckets have the student's wrapped end of the year gifts in them.  I also had a simple but cute table set up with a bright table cloth, 4 sandbuckets from the dollar bins at Target; each with a snack in them:  goldfish, graped, and 2 buckets of mini chocolate donuts. 

We also made Hope King's paper bag memory scrapbooks.  We worked on 2 pages a day until they were finished and they turned out adorable!  The kids loved putting stickers on each page.