Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Balloon Madness!!!

We are in survival mode....well I'm in survival mode!  We have something like 9ish days left of school.  We have lots of fun things planned.  I am officially pulling out all stops to keep these sweet kids of mine busy!!  We hung a few balloons up as party decorations and as a behavior incentive idea similar to Hope King's.  In each balloon is a fun activitiy to do with the kids.  I will pop one every couple of days if the kids are staying on task. 

We also completed Abby's balloon people from her Busy Bodies packet.  We completed the gum one a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast.  They had to decorate/make their balloon person using sharpies and/or construction paper and then get with a partner and make up their own dialogue.  After coming up with a funny dialogue they were to record their conversations on the dialogue recording sheet.  Here are a few of their balloon people cuties:

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