Saturday, March 17, 2012

3rd Post in One Night!

Ha!  Whatev....I need to thank sweet Katie at First is a Fairytale for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I'm loving the new blogging world and I'm so lucky to be able to find fabulous ideas on the fly when I need something different and quick for my ever energetic class this year.  I don't know what I'd do without you ladies!  You've all been a blessing and you probably didn't even know it :)  Thanks Katie and thanks to all my new followers.  I'm supposed to pick 15 people to pass the award on to but I'm not sure I even know 15 bloggers.  They probably already have the award too so I'm sorry to say that 4's all I got!

Thing 1

Isn't this Thing 1 just precious!!!!??? He stirred up a lot of excitement a few weeks ago for Dr. Seuss' Birthday when he made an appearance at my school :) 

You've Been Egged!

So I decided to make the cute idea that's all over Pinterest called "You've Been Egged!" into a fun activity for my students, but in an educational way of course!  If you're not familiar with this activity just search for it on Pinterest.  Basically, it's like being booed at Halloween.  You hid a bunch of eggs in someone's yard in your neighborhood and leave a cute note saying you've been egged.  They get to have a mini egg hunt and you pass the basket of eggs on to another neighbor!  Cute huh?  Well I'm going to do the same.  The Easter Bunny himself is going to egg my students ;o!  He's going to leave a note that explains what he did and how he has a special project for the kids.  They have to solve some addition problems for him and make a poster with a partner showing their work.  When he returns the next day to check their work he will leave a surprise!  I'm going to leave a word problem in each egg though that the students have to solve with a partner.  I've turned this fun activity into a mini pack that I'm selling on TPT.  I included some writing activities into it as well, and some crafts.  I'm super excited for the Bunny to come and egg my students.  I'm really lucky because my classroom leads right outside to our courtyard so I'm going to hide the eggs in there. :)   

Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Report/Book review Freebie!

I am so excited about doing a book study next week.  We will be reading Dr. Seuss books as a way to extend all of the Dr. Seuss fun from last week.  I am turning these recording sheets into a book for each student.  You can use the book report templates with any book you choose.  I also made Dr. Seuss themed posters as teaching aids.  All of this is FREE! at my TPT store.  Check it out!  It's a pretty good freebie if I say so myself. :) Click on the picture below to be directed to the freebie and my store.