Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five For Friday (Linky party May 31)

Today was field day!!!  It was a blast!  We came in fourth of 5 teams which was actually last place becasue two first grade teams tied for first.  Woomp woomp....It's ok though! 

We went out in the courtyard right out my classroom's back door and signed each other's beach balls with Sharpies.  It was a super cute idea and I will definitely include it in their gifts next year!  Don't mind the ugly gift topper.  I got lazy! 

I've been re-decorating and doing a huge makeover in my classroom.  A post on that later!....
But I've been following School Girl Style's tips.  Double borders and mathing/coordinating bulletin board paper.  Here's a sneak peak....


I joined pinterest with a teacher/blog account.  I have my personal account but now I have a "firstgradeheart" account! Check me out here:


My sweet baby enjoyed a Cookie Monster cupcake for breakfast.  It was a gift from one of my students.You only live once and I love to see this sweet face! 

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